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Leaders First - Build up your Organization's Leadership Capacity
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Gleaned from years of advising leaders on the implementation of mergers and reorganizations…

...Leaders First Six Bold Steps shows growth-enhancing, capacity-building, and market-leading steps for steering company success.

Before their profit meltdown, Bill thought his leaders' performance, as well as his own, was good enough, or at least as good as he could expect.

Sure, his leaders had their problems. But he, as founder/CEO, and Harvey, president, had believed there was no urgency to improve.

"They'll grow into their leadership roles," Bill said. But when his leaders' almost knocked the wheels off a huge project - right at the start of a national collapse in demand for commercial construction—their company's very existence was at risk.

Increase the value of your leaders' activities and the staying power of their decisions.

Harvey chastised himself. He had neglected his leadership role. In truth, he was never clear what his role was or how it fit with projects and operations. To avoid stepping in front of Bill, he had stayed out of the other managers' politics and concentrated on business development. He was a master at it. Still it was harder and harder for him to look the other way. The managers were creating more costly operational variances—conflicting decisions, communication logjams and coordination miscues - every day.

Discover the roots of your leaders' internal conflicts. See how to clear the static out of their relationships.

Finally, they saw a long list of company-wide performance problems. With a shock, they learned....

  1. Bill's charisma along with Harvey's business development genius was not enough to anticipate the future and keep the company strong.

  2. The two of them were not enough to overcome the other managers' silo mentalities.

  3. They could not do enough handholding to avoid all of their leaders' interpersonal problems, strife, and disorganization.

Bill and Harvey were convinced a top-level overhaul was urgent.

But what could they do?

It was time to design a new structure of leadership, where they could reorganize their outcomes, accountabilities and roles, then the very reporting structure itself.

What should it look like?

It had to fit their market place, shield the company from ever-lurking economic downturns, and reflect their strategic vision.

Who was the best person to design it?

Bill, Harvey and the leaders themselves all needed to be responsible.

When should they start?

Immediately, by getting the leaders' up-front commitment to make improvements now.

Reconnect your leaders to the power of personal commitment—to the power of their outcomes, accountabilities and roles.

Leaders First: Six Bold Steps… shows you how to embed winning leadership into every aspect of your organization's culture and operations.

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